The Meaning of the Holy Eucharist

Lord Jesus Christ was crucified and then lifted up on high to demonstrate that the love of God is the true power in the universe. The path of harming is an unsustainable state. The path of unconditional love, mercy, forgiveness, compassion and peace, is the eternal temple which endures. God makes His rain to fall and sun to shine on just and unjust alike. (Matthew 5:45)

In partaking of the Holy Euchsrist, we are not saying that we are willing to suffer. The Lord can not suffer. He perfectly transcended all pain upon the cross. (See post, Eloi, Eloi, Lamah Shavabh Thani! My God, My God How Thou Hast Showered Thy Grace Upon Me!).

We are saying that we have faith that the path of righteousness will lift us up above the suffering of bodily temptation. “For the wages of sin is death, but God’s gift is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”(Romans 6:23).  Of our own accord, we fall into temptation of the body. By physically partaking of that which is pure, that which is of the Lord, our very body itself is purified, and our mind which identifies with the body is lifted up to identify with that which is pure. You just feel lighter when you have shared this quiet moment with God.

The Holy bread symbolizes our daily breadi sustained by the Christ who is the bread of life. Our daily bread is our food, shelter, money and work. As we seek to live by right principles, helped by  the Lord,  we give and receive with integrity and trust, so that our money is protected, our houses maintained and our children fed and sheltered. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added into you.” (Matthew 6:33)

The Holy blood symbolizes our lifeforce, which is also protected by the Lord as we choose to take care of it by performing spiritual practices. These are right exercise, right breathing, purifying the mind in Holy song, contemplation of the scriptures, meditation and prayer. Our day starts out so much better with a quiet time alone with God.

When our life force is purified, we are protected from the impure for we are more aware of it. When the lie or false promise of the impure motive is revealed as such to a mind that is calm and bright, (thank you, Amadea Morningstar),  that lie can no longer exercise power. We can be set free, sending love along behind us.

Let us abide in the love of Christ Jesus, who is our mother, our father, our brother and our friend, our knowledge, our wealth, and our all.

Thank you, Lord Jesus.