Hail Miryam, full of grace

Hail Miryam, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee.

Blessed art Thou, and blessed is Yesu.

Holy Miryam, Mother of God, Holy Miryam, Miryam, Miryam,

Please pray for us now, and at the hour of our death,



Eloi, Eloi, Lamah Shavabh Thani! My God, My God How Thou Hast Showered Thy Grace Upon Me!

Please do not think that I require you to suffer for Me, as you think I have suffered for thee, for how can the Lord, truly suffer?

I remain, the same Lord, yesterday, today, and always, the same blissful, imperishable Lord, unshakeably, perfectly established in Holy Communion with My Mother  and Father in Heaven, whose name is Aumen, even, upon the cross.

I cried out, “Eloi, Eloi, Lamah Shavabh Thani!”

My God, My God, how thou hast showered Thy grace upon Me!”

(G Puruckar, Clothed With The Sun, p. 40, says, the earliest Hebrew manuscripts contained the word, Shavabh, here, which means, “to  bring peace, to glorify, to soothe”.  Later manuscripts contained the word, Sabach, instead, which means, “to abandon”)

Therefore, do not become unquiet on my account, neither on your own, for I do not require your sacrifice, I require your mercy (Matthew 12:9) and to thyself, as well.

Your own cross to bear, is not my great cross, for this to you would only mean suffering, rather than transcendence. Abide in Me, just as I abide in My Holy  Parents. (See The Tibetan Gospel.).   I will lift you up above the suffering of your own cross, just as My Parents in Heaven lifted Me up above all suffering on my great cross, so I could soar!

In the same way, please do not think that the path of righteousness I have laid before thee, is a tunnel of impossible tasks, self-denial and exhaustion. To fast, abstain from eating what is not good for you, for that is the original purpose of fasting.   Do not self-mortify.  There is no such thing required of you by God, not now, not ever.

The good deeds I have given unto thee to perform are not acts of submission, emotional negotiation, hidden ego of being the giver, or infatuation. These will only exhaust you. and are not in the long term good for the other person, either.

The good deeds I have given unto thee to  perform, are all easeful and full of joy, gifts given in love and received in deep gratitude. By these good deeds, you yourself are also nourished, uplifted and transformed. It is said, “The best kind of gift is one in which the receiver does not know who is giving.” May each take care of his or her own.

The narrow way, is not a path of stricture.  The road less travelled, is not a difficult ordeal.  It is in fact, the scenic route.

“Come unto Me, all ye who labour and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest, for My yoke is easy, and My burden is light”.




Have you ever noticed a heart shape in the clouds, just when your own heart needed to remember love again?

Or a white cross on the ground where two sticks have fallen? What drew my sad eye to that just at that moment?  Why did I feel better?

Or a dear friend’s face appear just when you needed it, in the shimmering leaves?

My friends Anil and Rani Kumar received this sign in their cooking pot..  I trust in them.

Anil and Rani Kumar Sign in Cooking Pot Jan 2015

Anil and Rani Kumar
Sign in Cooking Pot
Jan 2015



Miracle of Mother Mary, Endeavour Hills, Melbourne, Australia

The statue is at the home of a Lebanese family in Endeavour Hills.  Their mother passed away in November 2013 and her photograph began to emanate the holy oil.  The statue of our Holy Mother was bought by the family in February 2014 and then it began to emanate the oil as well.

Miracle of Mother Mary at Endeavour Hills, Melbourne, Australia

Miracle of Mother Mary at Endeavour Hills, Melbourne, Australia

I have visited the family’s home four times since June 19, 2014.  I believe it is a genuine phenomenon because of the energy of love which is there.  It is like walking through a wall of love, intangible yet strongly palpable.  A cynical person would say I feel this as a projection of my own  faith, but I believe it is unlikely that I could conjure up such a divine and blessed state of mind, extending on through hours, with such fineness and subtlety as I have never before experienced, simply from my own wishful imagination.  I acknowledge that there is more out there in the universe than my rational mind can understand.

I also believe this is a true phenomenon because of the genuine humility  of the family.  They are kind, generous, careful and are offering service.   When the sisters and cousins chant the Hail Mary at 7 pm, it is  so beautiful.  Such devotion cannot be feigned.  They are tireless in caring for the people waiting in chairs outside.  Some of these are in mystical states of prayer and the family takes care of them

You receive a small plastic bag containing a cotton ball soaked in the chrism oil. It has a wonderful lightness and a subtle, sweet fragrance. You can sit in front of the statue and simply gaze upon her.  The air seems to be filled with bright white and  golden light.  The family will give you a cushion and you can pray.  There are some who come with doubts and cameras, but this does not matter.  Come as you are. Originally  in some weeks 3000 people came.   Now there are approximately 20 – 50 there at any one time.  You ignore the hubbub and focus on Her divine presence and your mind becomes still.  At times the Hail Mary arises spontaneously from within. I felt so uplifted, radiant, happy and energised.   Different prayers arose in her presence and wisdom  and insight were given on each situation.

I felt she was saying to me,

“My child, cease your afflictions, for you are deeply loved.  Come to me, just as you are”.

Our Lady of Guadalupe said  to Juan Diago on Dec 9 or 12, 1531, as narrated by Antonio Valeriano,

“Hear me and understand well, my son the least, that nothing should frighten or grieve you. Let not your heart be disturbed. Do not fear that sickness, nor any other sickness or anguish. Am I not here, who is your Mother? Are you not under my protection? Am I not your health? Are you not happily within my fold? What else do you wish? Do not grieve nor be disturbed by anything.”

Hail, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee.

Blessed art Thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Yesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, Holy Mary, Mary, Mary,

Pray for us now, and at the hour of our death.


If anyone would like to visit the statue, please contact


for details of address and visiting times.

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Jesus, yo confio en ti Jesus, I trust in you


This prayer is from www.lasbodasdecana.wordpress.com



Por qué te agitas y confundes por los problemas que te trae la vida?

Why do you tremble, confounded by the troubles that life brings you?

Déjame controlar todas tus cosas e irán tornándose mejores. Cuando te entregues totalmente a mí, todas las cosas serán resueltas con tranquilidad, de acuerdo con mis planes.

Let me take care of all your affairs and Iran becoming better. When you turn totally to me, all things will be resolved peacefully, according to my plans.

No te frustres, no ores como apresurándome, como si quisieras forzarme a realizar tus planes.  En lugar de eso, cierra los ojos de tu alma y con paz dime: “JESUS, YO CONFIO EN TI”.

Do not be frustrated, do not pressure me as you pray, as if you wanted to force me to answer your prayers. Instead, close your eyes and with your soul in peace tell me: “Jesus, I trust you.”

Trata de evitar esos pensamientos que te angustian al querer comprender las cosas que te pasan.

Try to avoid the thoughts that cause you anguish, as you try to understand the things that happen.

No arruines mis planes tratando de imponer tus ideas, déjame ser tu Dios y actuar libremente en tu vida.

Do not ruin my plans by trying to impose your ideas, let me be your God and act freely in your life.

Entrégate a mí con completa confianza y deja tu futuro en mis manos.

Entreat me with complete confidence and let your future be in my hands.

Dime frecuentemente: “JESUS, YO CONFIO EN TI”.

Say to me often, “Jesus, I trust in you.”

Lo que más te lastima es cuando tratas de razonarlo todo de acuerdo con tus pensamientos e intentas resolver tus problemas a tu manera.

What hurts you the most is when you use reason alone to bring conflicting thoughts into accord and try to solve your problems your way.

Cuando me digas “JESUS, YO CONFIO EN TI”, no seas como el impaciente que le dice al Doctor “cúreme”, pero le sugiere la “mejor” forma de hacerlo.

When you say to me “Jesus, I trust in you” , do not be like the patient who tells the doctor, “Cure me”, but then suggests the best way to do it.

Déjate curar por mis brazos divinos, no tengas miedo, Yo te amo.

Be healed by my divine hand, do not be afraid. I love you.

Si ves que las cosas se vuelven peores o más complicadas, aun cuando estés orando, mantente confiado en mí, cierra los ojos de tu

If you see that things are getting worse or more complicated, even though you are praying, keep trusting in me. Close the eyes of your soul
alma, y continúa diciendo a cada hora: “JESUS, YO CONFIO EN TI”.

and continue every hour: ‘Jesus, I trust in you. ”

Necesito mis manos libres para poder manifestarte mis bendiciones.

I need my hands free to manifest my blessings.

No ates mis manos con tus absurdas preocupaciones.

Do not bind my hands with your absurd preoccupations.

Satanás quiere que te frustres, hacerte sentir triste, quitarte la paz.

Satan wants to frustrate you, make you feel sad, take away your peace.

Confía en mí, descansa en mí, entregate a mí.

Trust me, rest in me, entreat me.

Yo hago milagros en la medida en que tú te abandonas a mí y de acuerdo con la fe que me tienes.

I do miracles, to the extent that you abandon yourself and put yourself in accord with the faith that I have.

Así que no te preocupes, dame todas tus frustraciones y duerme en paz, y siempre dime: “JESUS, YO CONFIO EN TI”, y verás grandes milagros.

So do not worry, give me all your frustrations and sleep in peace, and always tell me: “Jesus, I trust in you,” and you will see great miracles.

Te lo prometo con todo mi amor.

I promise you with all my love.