Eloi, Eloi, Lamah Shavabh Thani! My God, My God How Thou Hast Showered Thy Grace Upon Me!

Please do not think that I require you to suffer for Me, as you think I have suffered for thee, for how can the Lord, truly suffer?

I remain, the same Lord, yesterday, today, and always, the same blissful, imperishable Lord, unshakeably, perfectly established in Holy Communion with My Mother  and Father in Heaven, whose name is Aumen, even, upon the cross.

I cried out, “Eloi, Eloi, Lamah Shavabh Thani!”

My God, My God, how thou hast showered Thy grace upon Me!”

(G Puruckar, Clothed With The Sun, p. 40, says, the earliest Hebrew manuscripts contained the word, Shavabh, here, which means, “to  bring peace, to glorify, to soothe”.  Later manuscripts contained the word, Sabach, instead, which means, “to abandon”)

Therefore, do not become unquiet on my account, neither on your own, for I do not require your sacrifice, I require your mercy (Matthew 12:9) and to thyself, as well.

Your own cross to bear, is not my great cross, for this to you would only mean suffering, rather than transcendence. Abide in Me, just as I abide in My Holy  Parents. (See The Tibetan Gospel.).   I will lift you up above the suffering of your own cross, just as My Parents in Heaven lifted Me up above all suffering on my great cross, so I could soar!

In the same way, please do not think that the path of righteousness I have laid before thee, is a tunnel of impossible tasks, self-denial and exhaustion. To fast, abstain from eating what is not good for you, for that is the original purpose of fasting.   Do not self-mortify.  There is no such thing required of you by God, not now, not ever.

The good deeds I have given unto thee to perform are not acts of submission, emotional negotiation, hidden ego of being the giver, or infatuation. These will only exhaust you. and are not in the long term good for the other person, either.

The good deeds I have given unto thee to  perform, are all easeful and full of joy, gifts given in love and received in deep gratitude. By these good deeds, you yourself are also nourished, uplifted and transformed. It is said, “The best kind of gift is one in which the receiver does not know who is giving.” May each take care of his or her own.

The narrow way, is not a path of stricture.  The road less travelled, is not a difficult ordeal.  It is in fact, the scenic route.

“Come unto Me, all ye who labour and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest, for My yoke is easy, and My burden is light”.





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