Tomb of Jesus in Kashmir

These photos of the Tomb of Jesus were taken recently by a resident of New Delhi, with the permission of the local people.   She writes,

“[This]  ..  is ..  a remarkable subject, which can alter beliefs, religion and political scenario completely in a positive manner. I had read a book ‘Jesus lived in India’ by Holger Kirsten few years ago which evoked my interest in this subject. Recently I visited Kashmir and made sure to go to downtown Srinagar (which has some disturbance) and visited the shrine of Youza Asif, beloved to be Lord Jesus. I attach 2 photographs of the place which were allowed to me by local population.”

Miguel Serrano describes his visit to the tomb in Kashmir  in his book “The Serpent of Paradise”, p. 126,

“It was evening when I arrived at the tomb, and in the light of the sunset the faces of the men and children in the street looked almost sacred.  They looked like people of ancient times; possibly they were related to one of the lost tribes of Israel that are said to have immigrated to India.  The children were wearing long shirts and primitive jewels, and their eyes were very bright…

As I knelt to pray, I felt as though I were kneeling in Christ’s tomb in Jerusalem.”


For more detailed research, see the page, “Lord Jesus Christ, Master of Yoga”, Sections 4.7 and 4.8.


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