Yoga Practice For Senior Citizens

Maureen and Eileen are aged 75 and 80. (Their birthdays are on the same day.) Maureen started yoga aged 74, after practising aerobics in earlier years, and keeping fit walking the dogs every day. Eileen started yoga aged 59, upon her retirement. Both have spent their lives as busy working mothers. They practise safely, with correct alignments and attention to the breath.


Yoga is good for balancing blood pressure, restoring energy levels and improving breathing, digestion, cardio fitness, balance, strength and flexibility. Each yoga pose works on different energy meridians in the body and as these unblock, there is an improved sense of wellbeing and inner calm.

Yoga practice is a science of improving joint flexibility.  In addition our posture becomes very important in later years because if the bones are pressing upon each other,  osteo-porosis can set in. In a well-aligned posture, there is space between the bones.  Our balance also tends to become a challenge in later years, and yoga has exercises specifically designed to improve balance.


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