Jesus and the true marriage

I have presented  in previous drafts of Lord Jesus Christ, Master of Yoga, that Jesus was celibate all his life. He says in Matthew 19: 11,12.

“Not everyone can do this. Only those whom God helps. Some are born eunuchs, some are made eunuchs, and some choose to become that way for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. Those who can accept this, should accept it:”

However,  after reading Dr Fida Hassnain and Rabbi  Dahan Levi’s The Fifth Gospel, and coming across The Secret Life of Jesus the Essene by Dr Raymond W Bernard,  I believe that Jesus was a master of celibacy and that he also married Mary Magdalene late in life, and that they had a son.

[1] Professor Hassnain[2] records an inscription datung probably from 78 AD, on the stone stairs of the temple on Shankaracarya Hill in Srinagar, Kashmir,  which says that Jesus married Mari Magdaliyana in Pahalgam, Kashmir, that their son was called, Jehoiakim, [after his maternal grandfather, Joachim the father of Mary] and that Jehoiakim’s son was Raj Bhistay of Kashmir.

According to The Secret Life of Jesus the Essene, by Dr Bernard, Jesus met Mari at the age of 14 and fell in love. However, he chose celibacy as his path, as he had already been initiated into the Essene order. Both Jesus and Mari wept bitterly as they made this decision. She remained faithful to him all her life in that she did not take another man. Finally, after his mission was completed, they married and had children, setting an example for humanity of faithfulness in marriage. A child has one father and one mother.

The Essene Christians practised periods of celibacy within marriage as a means of rejuvenation and to enhance meditation. In the higher order of Essenes, celibacy was seen as the final spiritual goal, and could be achieved within a good marriage of sincere partners, or by solo practitioners.  Both contexts were acceptable.

In the truly celibate state, the sexual energy is not simply blocked by an act of will, but transformed into the light of the higher chakras where it expresses itself as healing love and bliss through the hands and eyes.  This transformation of the energy is called parinama in Sanskrit. The transformed state  is one of great contentment, joy,  boundless energy and enlightenment,  not a state of repression.  When sexual energy arises in the lower chakras, certain exercises can help to bring it to the higher chakras.  These exercises can be practised by solo practitioners or by sincere couples, who can help one another to achieve the goal of celibacy, while retaining the deep love and connection between them.

Jesus was initiated into the Essene order at the age of 13 or 14, so it is extremely likely that this is the sort of marriage that Jesus and Mari shared, both of them spending long periods of time in the enlightened celibate state.  Mari says  in The Gospel of Mary 5:3,  “Let us praise His greatness, for He has prepared us and made us into men” , implying perhaps  that she had already mastered  the celibate state,  characterized by cessation of menstruation in women or cessation of ejaculation in men.   The menstrual period can be recommenced at will using particular practices, which may explain how Mary was  able   to conceive later on.

Jesus said, in Luke 20:34-36,

“Marriage is for people here on earth.  In the world to come, those worthy of being raised from the dead will neither marry nor be given in marriage.  And they will never die again.   In this respect they will be like angels.   They are children of God and children of the resurrection.”

I have edited the passage from  the fifth draft of Lord Jesus Christ, Master of Yoga, Section 4.3.1  accordingly and I sincerely apologise to anyone who may have been misled in any way by what I have published in the past, particularly to anyone who might have been trying to force celibacy upon him or herself rather than seeking a marriage partner.

May God deeply  guide, bless and protect your own inner journey in parinama.   Amen.


[2] Hassnain, op.cit, p. 247


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