Immanuel, Aumen-el, Hoo ma nay

Sadgurunath maharaj ki jay!

The great mantra, Immanuel, means, God the Father and Mother is with Mankind.

You can repeat, Im-ma on the inbreath, nu-el on the outbreath.   The undersstanding arises, there is never ever any need to beat myself up for my imperfections, for this will only add  to them.  All sin resolves to its root, which is only ever  love.

This means, the murder happens because of a lack of love. Therefore, love the murderer and he will start to heal.  Of course, we protect the victim from harm and do not condone for an instant the bad actions of the murderer.

The two Salty Brothers are crime, and punishment.  Like two saltwater crocodiles locked in vicious  combat,  crime and punishment are a vicious circle.  The more you punish a child, the more naughty he becomes. Here, punishment means, aggressive, derogatory punishment.  We still need to exercise kind but  firm guidance and instruction.

Once there was a child who was sent home from school for hitting the other children.  When he got home, his father hit him and shouted, “WHY do you hit the other children?”

Behind the illusion of  duality on the material plane, there is only Love.  Here on earth, we know hot/cold, day/night, sun/moon, male/female, pain/pleasure.   Pleasure here means what you feel when you eat your third chocolate biscuit.  It does not mean the true urge for love, peace and freedom.  That is not a dualistic thing.

Earthly pleasures quickly turn into the pain of addiction, for they are a false promise.  But do not beat yourself up even for being an addict.  You still try to change, but not by using punitive measures on yourself.  Try to change by going the other way, by remembering that all sin was only ever a lack of love.  This is called in yoga, the direct path.

We think that this realm of opposites is the truth, and so we become depressed.  It seems that every time we get happy, the happiness will only turn to sadness again, so what is the point of it all?  The yin turns to yang, the yang turns to yin, so what hope is there? I may as well “follow the darkness to get to the light.”

No, stop.  Full stop.  Behind the yin and the yang, is the Tao.  That little yin-yang symbol is sitting on a large white page.

Behind the light and the dark, is only  the Light.

There is no abyss, for the pearl of light shines on in the abyss, and the darkness has never put it out.  How can you put out, the is-ness?   It is.  It does not have a beginning or an ending.  Children understand this.  You say tomorrow, yesterday, to Charlie, and he looks back at you as if to say, but it’s all the same Today,  just going on and on, Merry.

The light on the material plane is like a pale shade of the inner Light of the planes.  The third chocolate biscuit is a very pale shade of the true  inner bliss.  It is a mixture of sattva, the inner Light, and tamas, the illusory darkness.  It is called, rajas.

What is tamas, the illusory darkness of the material plane?  What is war, suffering, poverty, hatred and revenge?

Peter said to Jesus (Gospel of Mary Sutra 4), Lord, what is sin?  Jesus said to Peter, There is no sin.

In truth, tamas does not exist.

So why does it appear to exist? And, for we humans on the material plane, it is a very convincing illusion.  You can’t just tell a war victim, your pain does not exist.

Tamas exists  as a consensual reality created by those who believe in it.  If no-one anywhere in the universe believed or had ever believed  in sin, harming, hatred and revenge, there would be no war.

If Tamas does not exist, does that mean, do not extend compassion to its victims?  No.  It is only knowing that it does not have any inherent power of its own that we are able to begin to heal it.  Go forth as a prayer angel to the Gaza strip.

The light, on the other hand, exists whether you believe in it or not.

God makes his rain to fall and sun to shine on just and unjust alike.  The pearl of light shines on in the abyss, the is-ness is, whether you believe it is there or not.  Feel your arm.  See how it is warm?  The life-force in your body continues to do its thing, whether you believe in it or not, whether you worship it or not, whether you know it is there or not.

This is wonderful.  It means that, even when I cannot remember love, Love is there remembering me.

Therefore, light and darkness are not polar opposites of equal strength.  This is the illusion of duality and it is not true.  Love is much, much stronger than hatred.  Amen.

The Native American Indians call God the Son, Hoo ma nay, which is similar to Immanu.  They knew for thousands of years about God the Son because they could read the gospel in the stars (Joseph Seiss) , in the same way as the Hebrew astrologers.   The  Hopi Indians know about the endtime, also.  They say it can be averted if humans will change their ways.

In Aramaic, Immanuel is Aumen-el.   This word Aumen occurs also in the Tibetan Gospel as a name for God.  See the tab Amen and Aum above for etymological derivations.

You can repeat, A-u-ma on the inbreath, en-el on the outbreath. You will quickly touch the core light of the universe, in which you know that all your sin resolves to its root which is love.  Your sins are forgiven.

From there, it is easy to go forth and forgive the sins of others, while acting to alleviate the harm resulting from those sins.



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